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African-American Archaeology and
African Diaspora Studies

Prof. Christopher Fennell

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Available Courses

Instructor: Chris Fennell, office in 296 Davenport Hall, email

My teaching and research projects address aspects of African-American cultural heritage and African Diaspora Studies, including development of interpretative frameworks focusing on racialization, ethnicities, regional systems theories, diaspora studies, dynamics of social group identities, stylistic and symbolic analysis of material culture, and the significance of material production and consumption patterns. I am an affiliate faculty member of the Center for African Studies, the Department of African American Studies, and the Department of Landscape Architecture, and I am the founding editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage (Left Coast Press and Maney Publishing). If you are interested in taking courses that will address subjects in African-American Archaeology, please consider the following courses, each of which I offer with substantial components focusing on such topics:

  • Historical Archaeology

  • Archaeology of Illinois

  • North American Archaeology

  • Field School in Archaeology

  • Landscape Archaeology

  • Archaeology and Racialization

  • Racism, Law, and Social Sciences
  • examples of Yoruba, Haiti, and African-American house plans
    Examples of house layouts at Yoruba,
    Haiti, and African-American sites

    Additional research resources and courses are also available at the University through the Department of African American Studies and the Center for African Studies.

    Rendering of a Kongo Chieftain's grave, from E. J. Glave, Century Magazine, Vol. 41, p. 827 (1891), in J. M. Vlach, By The Work of Their Hands: Studies in Afro-American Folklife, p. 44, 1991
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