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The Cline Center for Democracy is at 2001 South First Street, Champaign, Suite 207.

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Come south on First Street, going past Assembly Hall. Proceed through the stop sign at First and St. Mary’s road.

After you go through the stop sign intersection, take your first right onto Hazelwood Drive. The Cline Center is in the building on your left with a “State Farm” sign.

Take your first left into the parking lot and park near the First Street side of the lot. The door to the Cline Center faces First Street (you’ll see the large oval sign above the entrance).

Take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor. The entrance to Cline Center is directly across from the elevator. When you come into the center, go past the receptionist’s desk until you get to the big room with all the cubicles. My office is the second door on the right (Office #4).


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