Geophysical Investigations
at the New Philadelphia Site
Pike County, Illinois

Dr. Michael L. Hargrave
U.S Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Champaign, IL 61826-9005

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Figure 15

Features 2, 8, and 10
Block 3, Lots 4 and 5

Figure 15b1

Feature 2, above, was uncovered in Excavation Units 3-6 in Block 3, Lot 4, which were placed over an area in which relatively high densities of artifacts were recovered on the ground surface in an earlier, walk-over survey of the area. Those excavation units uncovered late nineteenth century deposits, including Feature 2, which consists of a lime slaking pit in which lime plaster and mortar were likely produced by local residents for use in adding plaster and mortar to structures built nearby.

Figure 15b2

Feature 8, above, was uncovered in Excavation Unit 3 in Block 3, Lot 5, which was placed in the area of anomaly A4. Feature 8 consists of a post mold that measures about 0.9 x 0.9 feet and is located toward the center of the excavation unit.

Figure 15b3

Feature 10 above, was uncovered in Excavation Unit 6 in Block 3, Lot 5, which was placed in the area of anomaly A4. Feature 10 consists of a layer of ash, containing bits of charcoal and metal fragments. Several rocks are located in the southeast corner of the unit and the soil appeared a bit darker and softer in that area. This material may be associated with the feature, or it may be related to a larger undetected feature located adjacent to and southeast of the unit.

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