Geophysical Investigations
at the New Philadelphia Site
Pike County, Illinois

Dr. Michael L. Hargrave
U.S Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Champaign, IL 61826-9005

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Figure 3
Excavation Units 1-3
Block 9, Lot 5
Overlain on Electrical Resistance Survey

Figure 3

Excavation Units 1-3 in Block 9, Lot 5, were placed over the area of a cluster of black anomalies appearing in the southwest corner of that lot, as shown in the Electrical Resistance data map above and in the Magnetic Field Gradient Survey shown in Figure 1. This area also showed a relatively high concentration of artifacts on the ground surface in an earlier, walk-over survey. These excavation units uncovered Feature 1, which consists of a domestic storage space that was later used as a refuse pit, containing high concentrations of artifacts and faunal materials dating from the late-nineenth century.

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