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diamond African-American Archaeology
       Guides & Bibliographies
       Sites in Northeast Region
       Sites in Mid-Atlantic
       Sites in Southeast and South
       Sites in Midwest
       Sites in West
       Sites in Canada
       Sites in Caribbean and Brazil

diamond African Archaeology
diamond African History & Cultures
diamond African-American History & Cultures
       Internet Presentations & Institutes
       Heritage Sites & Sources
       Arts & History of Religions
       Guides & Bibliographies

diamond Slavery, Resistance & Abolition
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diamond African Heritage in Britain
diamond African Heritage in Europe

This web site is designed to provide convenient access to online presentations and resources concerning the subjects of African-American archaeology, history and cultures, and broader subjects of African diaspora archaeology. The principal focus is on providing links to online presentations concerning African-American archaeology projects, set out in the first sections below, with links listed alphabetically by state within each regional section. Additional links to online resources and presentations concerning African-American history and culture, African archaeology, African history and cultures, African heritage in Britain and Europe, and the subjects of slavery, resistance and abolition are also provided. Bibliographies and research guides to print publications within each subject area are included. Please contact the editor, Chris Fennell, with any additional resource links you would like to see added to this site, or with the title, author, and publication information for any print sources you would like to see added to the bibliographies.

You can also navigate within the African Diaspora Archaeology Network web site by clicking on the subjects on the world map displayed at the top of this page.

diamond   African-American Archaeology   diamond


African Atlantic Archaeology: A Programmatic Agenda (A. Ogundiran)
arrow African Influence on the Art of the United States (R. F. Thompson)
arrow African Reflections on the American Landscape (NPS)
arrow Archaeology and the Black Experience (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Archaeology and Role of Foodways and Identity (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Archaeology Discussion Group (J. McCarthy, J. Brandon, Moderators)
arrow Archaeology Newsletter, 1994-2000 and Current (ADAN)
arrow Archaeology, Obama, and the Long Civil Rights Movement (C. Matthews)
arrow Art, Archaeology and the Black Experience (Camden Co. Hist'l Soc'y)
arrow Articulations: African American Archaeology (L. McKee & P. Garrow)
arrow Battling the "Slave Cook" Myth through Archaeology (K. Deetz)
arrow Bridging Boundaries within the Discipline (A. Agbe-Davies)
arrow Creating Public Memory and the Nat'l Register (E. Seibert)
arrow Excavating the South's African American Food History (A. Yentsch)
arrow First West African Farm Exhibit in the United States (E. Gabay)
arrow Gender and Labor in Three Communities (A. Young)
arrow Gizzard Stones or Gaming Pieces? (C. Goode)
arrow Global Perspective on Plantation Arch'y (C. Kraus-Friedberg and K. Fellows)
arrow Grave Matters: Cemetery Preservation (Chicora Found.)
arrow Interpreting Slave Status from Arch'l Remains (J. Handler & F. Lange)
arrow Muslim Identity in the Archaeological Record of American Enslavement (K. Allen)
arrow Not Presentism But Honesty: U.S. Slave Trade (M. Beaudry)
arrow Representing the Diaspora in Museums (R. Wilson)
arrow Race & Practice of African-American Archaeology (T. Epperson)
arrow Race Project (American Anth'l Assoc'n)
arrow Smoking Pipes, Tobacco, and the Middle Passage (J. Handler)
arrow Teaching the Archaeology of the African Diaspora (T. Scarlett)
arrow Thoughts on Archaeology and Public Responsibility (K. Brown)
arrow Thoughts on Archaeology of African Diasporas (L. McKee)
arrow Thoughts on African American Foodways (E. Scott)
arrow Transporting Personal Items Across the Middle Passage (J. Handler)

Resource Guides and Bibliographies

African Diasporas in Pan-African Perspective (U. Illinois)
arrow African Reflections on American Landscape: Bibliography (NPS)
arrow African Traditional Religions (C. Isizoh)
arrow Anacostia Museum Bibliographies on Material Culture
arrow Archaeology and African Diasporas in the New World (U. Illinois)
arrow Archaeology and Anthropology Subject Bibliographies (K. Smith)
arrow Archaeology Newsletter, 1994-2000 (partial index and links)
arrow Articles in "Historical Archaeology" Journal
arrow Articles in "International Journal of Historical Archaeology"
arrow Bibliography by Arch'l Archive of Chesapeake Slavery (Jeff. Found.)
arrow Bibliography of African American Foodways (Anacostia Mus.)
arrow Bibliography of Historical Archaeology (Arch'y in Annapolis)
arrow Bibliographies of Historical Archaeology (SHA)
arrow Black Atlantic Resource Guide (U. Liverpool)
arrow CRM Reports Listed in NADB Database (U. Illinois)
arrow CRM Report Lists provided by Archaeologists (U. Illinois)
arrow Archaeology Fieldschools on African Diaspora Subjects, 2008
arrow Archaeology Fieldschools on African Diaspora Subjects, 2009
arrow Graduate Programs in African Diaspora Archaeology
arrow Project Past Resource links (J. Brandon)
arrow Race Project Bibliography and Resource List (AAA)
arrow Recent Theses and Dissertations on African Diaspora Archaeology (2005-2009)

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Sites in Northeast Region

New Salem, Connecticut (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow African Meeting House, Boston, Massachusetts (Boston Globe)
arrow Isaac Royall Plantation, Massachusetts
arrow Parting Ways, Massachusetts, 1995 (U. Virginia)
arrow Parting Ways, Massachusetts, 1996 (U. Virginia)
arrow W.E.B. Du Bois Homesite, Mass. (U. Mass.)
arrow Antebellum African-American Settlements in S. New Jersey (C. Barton)
arrow Free Black Families in Sussex County, New Jersey (M. Springate)
arrow Ritual Concealment at Cooper-Mann House, Sussex Co., NJ (M. Springate)
arrow African Burial Ground, New York (N.P.S.)
arrow African Burial Ground, New York (M. Blakey)
arrow African Burial Ground, New York (W. Perry)
arrow Return to African Burial Ground, New York (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow African Burial Ground, New York (CNN report)
arrow Betsey Prince Archaeological Site, Long Island, NY (A. McGovern)
arrow City Hall Excavations, New York (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Cultural Loss in Manhattan, New York (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Lott House site, New York (Brooklyn College)
arrow Lott House site, New York (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Lloyd House Manor, N.Y. (N.Y. Times)
arrow Lloyd House Manor Excavations, N.Y. (J. Coplin and C. Matthews)
arrow Reexamining New York City's Colonial African Past (D. Wall)
arrow Seneca Village, New York (Columbia U.)
arrow Sylvester Plantation, New York (U. Mass. Boston)
arrow Thaddeus Stevens House, Lancaster, Pa. (Hist. Preserv. Trust)
arrow Exhibit Review, First African Baptist Cemetery, Phila. (P. Jeppson)
arrow First African Baptist Church and Cemetery, Phila. (T. Crist & D. Roberts)
arrow Grave Symbolism in First African Baptist Cemetery (J. McCarthy)
arrow Dexter House, Philadelphia (Phila. Inquirer)
arrow Dexter House, Philadelphia (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow G. Washington's House and Slave Quarters, Philadelphia (U.S. Hist. Org.)
arrow Washington's House, Philadelphia (History News Network)
arrow Freedom and Slavery in Making a New Nation (City of Phila.)
arrow Archaeology at the President's House, Philadelphia (P. Jeppson)
arrow Dennis Farm, Susquehanna Co., Pa.
arrow African American Burial Ground, Newport, R.I.
arrow Digs Unearth Slave Plantations of the North

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Sites in Mid-Atlantic

Tilton Farmstead, Delaware (Del. Parks)
arrow Nineteenth Century Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. (Smithsonian)
arrow Adams-Kilty House, Annapolis, Maryland (Wash. Post)
arrow Annapolis, Maryland (U. Maryland)
arrow Clay Bundle Uncovered Beneath Annapolis Street (N.Y. Times)
arrow Clay Bundle Uncovered Beneath Annapolis Street (U. Maryland)
arrow Crystal and Conjuring, Annapolis (L. Jones)
arrow Hoodoo Cache in Annapolis (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Hoodoo Cache, Adams-Kilty House, Annapolis (U. Maryland)
arrow Secret Religion of Slaves in Annapolis (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Updates on Archaeology in Annapolis (Mark Leone, et al.)
arrow Early Artifact of African Worship Uncovered in Annapolis (Mark Leone)
arrow Center for Heritage Resource Studies (U. Maryland)
arrow Agriculture and Slavery in Prince George's County, Md. (C. Sperling)
arrow Sukeek's Cabin, Calvert Co., Maryland (JPPM)
arrow Wye House Archaeology, Maryland (M. Cochran, L. Kraus, M. Leone)
arrow Wye House Plantation, Maryland (N.Y. Times)
arrow Wye House Plantation, Maryland, Audiovisual essay (N.Y. Times)
arrow Alexandria, Virginia (City of Alex.)
arrow Cemeteries of Albemarle and Amherst, Virginia (L. Rainville)
arrow Cemeteries of Amherst, Virginia (L. Rainville)
arrow Archaeology and the Appalachian Trail, Virginia (J. Barnes)
arrow Demory Farmstead Site, Virginia (U. Virginia)
arrow Jackson Ward, Richmond, Virginia (NPS)
arrow Jamestown's 17th Century Enslaved Laborers (Wash. Post)
arrow Robinson House Site, Manassas, Va. (NPS)
arrow Manassas, Virginia (NPS)
arrow More from Manassas, Virginia (NPS)
arrow Sam Goode Cemetery, Mecklenburg, Virginia (J. Joseph et al.)
arrow Monticello, Virginia (Jefferson Found.)
arrow Differential Access to Ceramics at Monticello (K. Lentz)
arrow Home Farm Quarter Site, Monticello, Virginia (S. Bon-Harper)
arrow Matriarch of Mulberry Row, Monticello (Archaeology Mag.)
arrow Archaeological Archive of Chesapeake Slavery (Jefferson Found.)
arrow Archaeology at Montpelier Plantation, Virginia
arrow Gilmore Farm Site, Montpelier, Virginia (M. Reeves)
arrow 2004-2005 Research Updates, Montpelier, Va. (M. Reeves)
arrow Mount Vernon, Virginia (Mount Vernon Found.)
arrow North Bend Plantation, Virginia (K. Deetz)
arrow Poplar Forest, Virginia (Jeff. Pop. Forest Corp.)
arrow Slavery & Consumerism, Jeff. Poplar Forest, Va. (B. Heath)
arrow Slavery & Consumerism, Shenandoah, Va. (N. Sorrells & S. Simmons)
arrow Stratford Hall Plantation, Virginia (R.E. Lee Mem'l Ass'n)
arrow Stratford Hall Plantation, Virginia (D. Sanford)
arrow African American Heritage at Sweet Briar (L. Rainville)
arrow Atkinson and Palace Lands Sites, Williamsburg, Virginia (Col. Will. Found.)
arrow Quarterpath Road Site, Williamsburg, Virginia (Y. Edwards-Ingram)
arrow Glenwood Estate, W.V. (Marshall U.)

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Sites in Southeast and South

Dog River Plantation, Alabama (U. South Alabama)
arrow Old Washington State Park, Arkansas (J. Brandon & K. Cande)
arrow Rocky Shoals, Arkansas (R. Coleman)
arrow Van Winkle Mill, Ark. (Project Past)
arrow Van Winkle Mill & Cemetery, Ark. (J. Brandon & J. Hilliard)
arrow Van Winkle Mill, Blacksmith Shop, Ark. (A. Valentino & J. Brandon)
arrow Angola settlement, Florida (St. Petersburg Times)
arrow Looking for Evidence of Angola on the Manatee River (U. Baram)
arrow Fort Mose, Florida (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Kingsley Plantation, Florida (U. Florida)
arrow Loss of the Slave Ship Fly, Florida Keys, 1789 (G. Swanson)
arrow Wreck of the Henrietta Marie, Fla. (M. Fisher)
arrow Virtual Rosewood, Fla. Research Site (E. Gonzalez-Tennant)
arrow African American Archaeology in Georgia (J. Joseph)
arrow Bryan County Plantations, Georgia (New Ga. Encycl.)
arrow Excavations across Georgia (Atl. J. Const.)
arrow Free Cabin Site, Hephzibah, Georgia (Ga. DOT)
arrow Irene Mound Site, Georgia (Armstrong Atl. State U.)
arrow Ned Simmons, American Slave (Cumberland, Ga.) (M. Bullard)
arrow Sapelo Island, Georgia (R. Crook)
arrow Sapelo Island, Georgia: Chocolate Plant'n (N. Honerkamo and R. DeVan)
arrow Springfield, Georgia (Ga.DOT & New South Assocs.)
arrow Springfield, Georgia (J. Joseph)
arrow Stafford and Rayfield Plantations, Georgia (NPS)
arrow Blythewood Plantation, Louisiana (La. State U.)
arrow Gabe Nargot's Cabin, Louisiana (NPS)
arrow Magnolia Plantation, Louisiana (NPS)
arrow Marie-Therese Coincoin Plantation, Louisiana (UCL)
arrow Mound Bayou, Mississippi (U. So. Miss.)
arrow Moravian Town of Salem, North Carolina (L. Ferguson)
arrow Somerset Plantation, North Carolina (Somerset Place)
arrow Bush Hill, South Carolina (M. Groover)
arrow Charles Pinckney Nat'l Hist. Site, Mount Pleasant, S.C. (A. Kowal)
arrow Charleston Judicial Center, South Carolina (J. W. Joseph)
arrow Fairfield Plantation Colonoware, South Carolina (D. Cathcart)
arrow Fairfield Plantation Geographic Context, South Carolina (E. Clites)
arrow Gullah Geechee Culture and Preservation (NPS)
arrow Gullah Communities in the Golden Crescent (NPS)
arrow Building on Joseph's Model of Market-Bound Colonoware (C. Espenshade)
arrow Dating Colonoware in South Carolina (C. Espenshade)
arrow Spalling on South Carolina Colonoware (C. Espenshade)
arrow Marked Colonoware and Underwater Sampling (C. Espenshade)
arrow Comments on "Marked Colonoware and Underwater Sampling" (L. Ferguson)
arrow Early African-American Pottery in South Carolina (L. Ferguson)
arrow Colonoware in S.C. Rivers and Charleston's Market Economy (J. Joseph)
arrow The "Cymbee" Water Spirits of St. John's Berkeley (N. Adams)
arrow Carolina Clay and the Life Dave the Potter (L. Todd)
arrow Mann-Simons Site, South Carolina (J. Crockett)
arrow Oral History at Middleburg Plantation, South Carolina (K. Barile)
arrow Slavery, Segregation and Ferries in South Carolina (E. Salo)
arrow Celebrating Oklahoma's Black Indians
arrow Frogmore Plantation, S.C. and Jordan Plantation, Texas (K. Brown)
arrow Bernardo Plantation, Texas (R. Marcom)
arrow Levi Jordan Plantation Site, Texas (K. Brown, C. McDavid)
arrow Rubin Hancock Farmstead, Austin, Texas (U. Texas)
arrow Osborn Farm, Bastrop, Texas (U. Texas)
arrow Freedman's Cemetery, Dallas, Texas (U. Arkansas)
arrow Freedman's Cemetery Chronology, Dallas, Texas (U. Texas)
arrow Juliette Street, Freedman's Town, Dallas, Texas (Project Past)
arrow Freedmen's Town, Houston, Texas (C. McDavid)
arrow Olivewood Cemetery, Houston, Texas (R. Marcom)
arrow Inland Rice Fields as Landscapes and Arch'l Sites (A. Agha and C. Philips)
arrow Lowcountry Africana Studies
arrow Southeast Archaeological Center Projects (NPS)
arrow Stories of African Diaspora Relocation to the South (M. Morehouse)

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Sites in Midwest

Equal Rights Settlement, Illinois (M. Wild)
arrow Miller Grove, Illinois (Shawnee Nat'l Forest)
arrow Archaeology of the Spirit at Miller Grove, Illinois (M. McCorvie)
arrow Archaeological Griots and Miller Grove, Illinois (M. McCorvie)
arrow Historical Landscapes of New Philadelphia, Illinois (U. Illinois)
arrow New Philadelphia and National Historic Landmark Status (C. King)
arrow New Philadelphia Archaeology Project Reports (U. Maryland et al.)
arrow New Philadelphia Archaeology article (Archaeology Magazine)
arrow New Philadelphia Founder's Legacy of Freedom (Quincy Herald-Whig)
arrow New Philadelphia Archaeology Web 2.0 Portal
arrow Rediscovering New Philadelphia (Ill. Antiquity)
arrow Religion, Social Networks, and Temperance in New Philadelphia (A. Morris)
arrow Creating a Sense of Place with Archaeology -- New Philadelphia (P. Shackel)
arrow Archaeological Engagement in Indianapolis (P. Mullins and K. Glidden)
arrow Cultural Mecca in Indianapolis (NPR News)
arrow Ransom Place, Indiana (P. Mullins)
arrow Randolph County, Indiana (D. Rotman)
arrow An Exoduster Neighborhood, Topeka, Kansas (NPS)
arrow Monterey, Kentucky (H. McKelway)
arrow Little Africa, Missouri (B. Rogers)
arrow Arrow Rock, Missouri (T. Baumann)
arrow Excavation Results, Arrow Rock, Missouri (T. Baumann)
arrow Scott Joplin Historic Site, Missouri (T. Baumann)
arrow Aldrich Farm, Nebraska (Neb. State Hist'l Soc'y)
arrow Hermitage Plantation, Tennessee (Hermitage Assoc.)
arrow Community Outreach at Hermitage Plantation, Tenn. (W. Battle)
arrow Midwest Archaeological Center (NPS)

Sites in West

Nate Harrison Site, San Diego, California (San Diego S. U.)
arrow Archaeology of the Allensworth Hotel, California (B. Cox)
arrow Sacramento, California (Sonoma State U.)
arrow West Oakland, California (Sonoma State U.)
arrow Las Vegas Neighborhoods, Nevada (CRM Journal.)
arrow Archaeology of Boston Saloon, Virginia City, Nevada (K. Dixon)
arrow Virginia City, Nevada (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Buffalo Soldiers Sites, New Mexico (ADAN Newsletter)

Sites in Canada

Black History Canada (Historica Found.)
arrow Black Loyalist Communities in Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Mus.)
arrow Black Loyalist Community, Birchtown (Nova Scotia Mus.)
arrow Birchtown Archaeology (Black Loy. Heritage Soc.)
arrow Black Loyalist Archaeology, Birchtown (L. Niven)

Sites in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Brazil

Small Scale Pottery Manufacture in Antigua (M. Hauser and J. Handler)
arrow Built Environment at Polly Hill Plantation, Bahamas (J. Baxter & J. Burton)
arrow Interpreting Slave Status from Arch'y in Barbados (J. Handler and F. Lange)
arrow Isotopic Investigations at Newton, Barbados (H. Schroeder and K. Shuler)
arrow Isotopic Investigations at Newton, Barbados, an Update (H. Schroeder and K. Shuler)
arrow Bioarchaeology at Newton Plantation, Barbados (K. Shuler)
arrow Glass Artifacts, Newton Plantation Cemetery, Barbados (J. Handler)
arrow From West Africa to Barbados: A Rare Pipe (J. Handler & N. Norman)
arrow Two Unique Beads from Newton Plantation Cemetery, Barbados (J. Handler)
arrow Palmares: A Maroon Settlement in 17th century Brazil (A. Carvahlo)
arrow Pernambuco, Brazil and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (G. Acioli Lopes)
arrow From Huts to Barracóns in 19th-Century Cuba Plantations (L. Roura Alvarez)
arrow Historical Archaeology in the French Caribbean (K. Kelly)
arrow Orange Vale Plantation, Jamaica (P. Saunders)
arrow Falmouth Heritage Renewal, Jamaica
arrow St. Eustatius Archaeological Research
arrow Last Stand of the Black Caribs on St. Vincent (J. Sweeney)
arrow The Trouvadore Project: Legacy of a Sunken Slave Ship
arrow The Trouvadore and Freed Africans in the Turks and Caicos
arrow Grave Site Identification and Protection, St. John, US Virgin Islands (H. Blouet)
arrow History and Archaeology of a Caribbean Plantation, USVI (E. Yates)
arrow Caribbean Archaeology (Fla. Museum Nat'l Hist'y)
arrow Journal of Caribbean Archaeology
arrow Archaeology Sites in the Caribbean (C.A.C.)
arrow Int'l Ass'n for Caribbean Archaeology
arrow Caribbean Histories Revealed (U.K. Nat. Archives)
arrow An Archaeology of the Atlantic Slave Trade (D. Hicks)
arrow History of the Caribbean (S. Wilson)
arrow Legacy of Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean (S. Wilson)
arrow Caribbean Archaeology Bibliography (S. Wilson)
arrow Mexico's Cimarron Heritage and Archaeological Record (T. Weik)

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diamond   African-American History and Cultures   diamond

Presentations and Institutes

African American Genealogy and History (C. Charity)
arrow African American Mosaic (LOC)
arrow African American Quilting Traditions (U. Virginia)
arrow African American World (PBS)
arrow African American Identities in Central America
arrow African American Oral Traditions (H. Martin, Ohio U.)
arrow African American Studies and Research (U. Illinois)
arrow African Americans in the Whaling Industry (New Bedford Museum)
arrow Africana Heritage Project (USF)
arrow Africans in America (PBS)
arrow African Canadian Online (York U.)
arrow African Passages in South Carolina (Charleston College)
arrow African Presence in Mexico (Nat'l Museum Mexican Art)
arrow Afro-Louisiana History (G. Hall)
arrow Anacostia Museum's Online Academy
arrow Ass'n for Study of African American Life & History
arrow Ass'n of Black Women Historians
arrow Avery Research Center (Charleston College)
arrow Back of the Big House (J. M. Vlach)
arrow Black Classic Press
arrow Black Diaspora Consortium (U. Texas)
arrow Black Farming and Landholding after the Civil War (PBS)
arrow Black Film Center Archives
arrow Black History in Ontario
arrow Black Innovations and Inventors
arrow (Q. Taylor)
arrow Black Seminoles (J.B. Bird)
arrow Black Seminoles in Florida (U.S.F.)
arrow Booker T. Washington Papers (U. Illinois)
arrow Carter Woodson Institute (U. Virginia)
arrow Caribbean Views Image Collections (British Lib. Board)
arrow Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World (Coll. of Charleston)
arrow Center for African American Studies (U. Texas)
arrow Center for Black Business History (U. Texas)
arrow Center for Black Diaspora (DePaul U.)
arrow Colored Reflections Oral History Project
arrow Communities in the North before the Civil War (NEH)
arrow CRM Magazine, African-American History (NPS)
arrow CRM Magazine, Connections, African-American History (NPS)
arrow CRM Magazine, Interpreting Slavery at National Sites (NPS)
arrow Documenting Louisiana Sugar 1845-1917 (U. Sussex)
arrow Dread History: Rastafari (Smithsonian)
arrow Driskell Center for African Diaspora Studies (U. Maryland)
arrow eBlack Studies of the African Diaspora (U. Illinois)
arrow Frau Doktor Nancy Stafford of Georgia (M. Bullard and T. Castle)
arrow Free African Americans in the North (NEH)
arrow Global Mappings: Atlas of the Diaspora (Northwestern U.)
arrow The Gullah and Sierra Leone (USF and J. Opala)
arrow Harriet Tubman African Diaspora Resource Center (York U.)
arrow Historic Places Lesson Plans (NPS)
arrow History Makers
arrow Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Directory
arrow History of Historically Black Colleges and Universities
arrow Images of African Americans in Virginia, 1819-1951
arrow In Motion: African-American Migrations (Schomberg Center)
arrow Langston Hughes' Poetry (Acad. of American Poets)
arrow Letters to Jemima Hall, 1836-1837 (Newberry Lib.)
arrow M. L. King, Jr. Papers Project (Stanford U.)
arrow Malcolm X: A Research Site (U. Toledo)
arrow Malcolm X Project (Columbia U.)
arrow Mapping the African American Past in New York (Columbia U.)
arrow Massachusetts and African Americans After Slavery (Mass. Hist. Soc'y)
arrow Montana's African-American Heritage
arrow National Human Genome Center (Howard U.)
arrow Oklahoma History and African Americans (Okla. Hist'l Society)
arrow Plantation Painting as Propaganda (J. M. Vlach)
arrow Priscilla's Homecoming to Sierre Leone (U.S.F.)
arrow Priscilla's Homecoming to Sierre Leone (Yale U.)
arrow Race Relations after World War I (NEH)
arrow Race, Time, and Place in Tidewater, Virginia (VFH)
arrow Roots Project DNA Research (U. Mass., Lowell)
arrow Schomburg Center for Black Culture Research (NYPL)
arrow Shirley Plantation, Virginia (Shirley Plant.)
arrow Sweet Chariot: Story of the Spirituals (U. Denver)
arrow Two Nations (Frontline)
arrow U.S. Colored Troops Institute for Research
arrow Valley of the Shadow (U. Virginia)
arrow Virtual Library of African American History
arrow W.E.B. Du Bois Institute (Harvard U.)

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Heritage Sites and Sources

African American Cemeteries
arrow African American Experience in Ohio (Ohio Hist'l Soc'y)
arrow African American Heritage and Ethnography (NPS)
arrow African American Historic Places (NPS)
arrow African American Nat'l Park Sites (NPS)
arrow African Americans in Maryland
arrow African Missouri (Washington U.)
arrow African Diaspora Film Festival
arrow AfroCuba Web
arrow Booker T. Washington Plantation Trail (NPS)
arrow Boston's African American Nat'l Historic Sites (NPS)
arrow Dunkerhook, New Jersey (J. Afro-Am. Hist.)
arrow Heritage in Virginia (VFH)
arrow Heritage Resources (N.Y. Library)
arrow Heritage Resources (NPS)
arrow Heritage Sites in Washington, D.C. (DC Planning)
arrow Histories of Communities in United States (Cyndi's List)
arrow History and Historic Places (NPS)
arrow Nicodemus Nat'l Historic Site, Kansas
arrow Seneca Village, New York (N.Y. Hist'l Soc'y)
arrow Small Towns, Black Lives, in New Jersey
arrow Legends of Tuskegee (NPS)
arrow Tuskegee Airmen, Moton Field, Alabama (NPS)

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African American Museum (Dallas, TX)
arrow African American Museum (Philadelphia, PA)
arrow African Burial Ground Museum & Monument (NY, NPS)
arrow Alexandria Black History Museum (Alexandria, Virginia)
arrow America's Black Holocaust Museum (Milwaukee, WI)
arrow Anacostia Museum (Washington, D.C.)
arrow August Wilson Center for African-American Culture (Pittsburgh, PA)
arrow Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (AL)
arrow Black History Museum (Richmond, VA)
arrow California African American Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
arrow Charles Wright Museum and Digital Collections (Detroit, MI)
arrow Du Sable Museum of African American History (Chicago, IL)
arrow Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (Washington, D.C.)
arrow Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park (Baltimore, MD)
arrow Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture (Charlotte, NC)
arrow Idaho Black History Museum (Boise, ID)
arrow Museum of African American History (Detroit, MI)
arrow Museum of African Diasporas (San Francisco, CA)
arrow Museum of Afro-American History (Boston)
arrow Museum of the New South (Charlotte, NC)
arrow Nat'l Afro-American Museum (Columbus, OH)
arrow Nat' Buffalo Soldiers Museum (Houston, TX)
arrow Nat'l Center for Afro-American Artists (Boston, MA)
arrow Nat'l Civil Rights Museum (Memphis, TN)
arrow Nat'l Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati, OH)
arrow Reginald Lewis Museum (Baltimore, MD)
arrow River Road Museum (Donaldsonville, LA)
arrow Tubman African American Museum (Macon, GA)
arrow Additional Museums List (

Arts and History of Religions

African American Religion, 18th-19th Centuries (NHC)
arrow African American Religion, Documentary History (Amherst)
arrow African American Religious Experience (Hartford Institute)
arrow African Traditional Religions (Chidi Denis Isizoh)
arrow Afro-Cuban Diasporan Religions (S. M. Sanchez)
arrow Anacostia Museum's Online Academy
arrow Arts Council, African Studies Ass'n
arrow Churches in Southern Black Communties, 1780-1925 (LOC)
arrow Emergence of African American Churches (LOC)
arrow Drums and Shadows (WPA, Ga. Writers Project)
arrow Faking African Art (Arch'y Magazine)
arrow Guide to Religious Content in "Slave Narratives" (U. North Carolina)
arrow History of African American Religions (Amherst)
arrow Inquiceweb: Kongo Derived Faiths in the New World
arrow Islam in America (Nat'l Humanities Center)
arrow Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
arrow Misterios: Documentary as a Way of Exploring Faith (G. Savinno)
arrow Museum for African Art (New York)
arrow Nat'l Museum of African Art (Smithsonian)
arrow Northstar Journal Articles on African American Religions
arrow Oberlin's Sacred Heritage (Oberlin C.)
arrow Robert Farris Thompson's studies (Yale U.)
arrow Religion, Witchcraft and Magic Links (C. Fennell)
arrow Religion of Enslaved Persons (Wake Forest U.)
arrow Religious Music: African Roots (Kenyon U.)
arrow Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou (Am. Museum Nat. History)
arrow Santeria studies (Religious Tolerance Org.)
arrow This Far by Faith (PBS)
arrow Vodun studies (Religious Tolerance Org.)
arrow Yo soy hechicero: Afro-Caribbean religion links

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Resource Guides and Bibliographies

African American Resources Guide (F. Ingram)
arrow African Diaspora Resources (ASWAD)
arrow African Diaspora Resources for Latin America (U. Texas)
arrow AfriGeneas: African Ancestored Genealogy
arrow Biographical Database (Chadwyk-Healey)
arrow Bibliography of African American Studies (N.Y. State Library)
arrow Bibliography of African American Studies (Yale U.)
arrow Ecclesiastical Sources in Brazil and Cuba (Vanderbilt U.)
arrow Black American Feminism Bibliography (U. Calif.)
arrow Freedom Suits in Missouri Courts, 1814-1860 (Washington U.)
arrow Historical Text Archive (D. Mabry)
arrow History and Genealogy Resources (Cyndi's List)
arrow History Resource Links (NPS)
arrow History Resource Links (U. Wisconsin)
arrow Langston Hughes Papers (Yale U.)
arrow Sources related to Black Seminoles (J.B. Bird)
arrow Stone Center Resource Guide (U.N.C.)
arrow Teaching Delany's "Blake or the Huts of America" (T. Moussa)

diamond   African Heritage in Britain   diamond

Africans in Early Britain: A Bibliography
arrow Black and Asian Studies Association
arrow Black Lives in Britain (English Heritage)
arrow Black British Heritage Internet Resources (R. P. Benjamin)
arrow Black History in Britain (UK Nat'l Archives)
arrow Black Presence in Britain
arrow Black Victorians
arrow Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery
arrow Brycchan Carey's 18th Century Studies (Kingston U.)
arrow Caribbean Emigrations to Britain
arrow Caribbean Studies and Black History in the U.K.

diamond   African Heritage in Europe   diamond

African Diaspora in Europe (Stanford U.)
arrow African Diaspora in Germany (U. Wisconsin)
arrow African Diaspora in Spain (U. Granada)
arrow Black European History (British Library)
arrow Black European Studies (Johannes Gutenberg-U. Mainz)
arrow Remapping Black Germany (U. Mass. Amherst)

diamond   African Archaeology   diamond

Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa
arrow African Archaeological Review
arrow African Archaeology at U. Illinois
arrow African Archaeology Resources (B. Clist)
arrow African Archaeology Resources (CyberPursuits)
arrow African Heritage and Archaeology (U.C.L.)
arrow An Archaeology Study in Africa (Heinrich-Barth-Institut)
arrow Ancient Egypt (British Museum)
arrow Archaeological Research in Northeastern Nigeria (Goethe U.)
arrow Archaeology in Benin (J. Monroe)
arrow Archaeology in Nigeria: Curriculum Issues (Z. A. Gundu)
arrow Archaeology in Sudan (Khartoum U.)
arrow Archaeology in Togo, West Africa (U. Californa)
arrow Archaeology in Tropical Sub-Saharan Africa (Ann. Rev. 2004)
arrow Archaeology of Fugitive Slave Communities in Kenya (L. Wilson)
arrow Archaeology of Imperialism in Uganda (M. Posnansky)
arrow Ass'n of Southern African Prof. Archaeoloists
arrow Bibliography of Precolonial Metalworking (Natal Museum, South Africa)
arrow Bioarchaeology in Kormantse, Ghana (W. Schaffer and E. K. Agorsah)
arrow Cultural Heritage Commemoration in Uganda (J. Nyiracyiza)
arrow Defences in 19th Century Yorubaland, Nigeria (J. Odunbaku and R. Alabi)
arrow Dig Nubia (Ed. Devel. Center)
arrow Egypt and Sudan Expeditions, 1905-1907 (U. Chicago)
arrow Egyptian Archaeology Resource Links
arrow Egyptian History and Archaeology Resources (Intute)
arrow Gambia Riverís Atlantic Trade Sites (L. Gijanto)
arrow Great Zimbabwe (NOVA)
arrow Historical Archaeology Research Group, South Africa
arrow History and Archaeology in Africa, by Jan Vansina
arrow History and Archaeology in Africa, Response by P. Robertshaw
arrow Iron Smelting in Wollega, Ethiopia (T. Burka)
arrow Institute of Egyptian Archaeology (U. Memphis)
arrow Ironworking and Ethnoarchaeology in Mali (Inagina)
arrow Kingdom of Kush (N.Y. Times)
arrow Kongo Iron: Symbolic Power, Superior Technology (J. Ringquist)
arrow Kormantse, Ghana: Cultural Identities (E. K. Agorsah & T. Butler)
arrow Lost Communities of Ouidah
arrow Madi and the Dufile Research Project, Uganda (M. Posnansky)
arrow Mandara Mountains Region, Cameroon and Nigeria
arrow Middle Niger River Valley Research (Rice U.)
arrow Nubia's Glory and People (U. Chicago)
arrow Resources (Ed. Devel. Center)
arrow Nyame Akuma Archaeology Bulletin
arrow Old and New Kingdoms of Egypt (NOVA)
arrow Plateau: Zahi Hawass' Studies of Egypt
arrow Precolonial Metalworking in Africa (U. Cape Town)
arrow Settlement Archaeology in Nigeria (U. Ibadan, Nigeria)
arrow Society of Africanist Archaeologists
arrow Slave Routes in Western Tanzania (S. Croucher and S. Wynne-Jones)
arrow Stone Circles of Gambia (M. Camara)
arrow Survey, Ethnohistory, and Excavation in Savi and Hinterland (N. Norman)
arrow Survey of Mahas Region, Sudan (Khartoum U.)
arrow Theban Mapping Project (American U.)
arrow Untold Stories of the Esie Stone Figurines (J. O. Aleru and K. Adekola)
arrow Urban Centers in West Africa (K. Adekola)
arrow Yoruba Kingdom Archaeology (N.Y. Times)

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diamond   African History and Cultures   diamond

Africa Confidential newsletter
arrow African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning (U. Virginia)
arrow African Art: Images of Power and Identity (Smithsonian)
arrow African Berber and Germanic Cultural Fusuion (M. Robinson)
arrow African Books Collective
arrow African Brazilian Easter Food Heritage in Lagos (A. Simpson)
arrow African Brazilian Fanti/Caretta Festival (A. Simpson)
arrow African Cultures and Nations Links (
arrow Africa Digital Library (Michigan State U.)
arrow African Empires, 1st - 15th Centuries (Cen. Oregon C.C.)
arrow African Fractals (R. Eglash)
arrow African History and Culture Research (H-Net)
arrow African History Internet Sourcebook (Fordham U.)
arrow African Indigenous Science & Knowledge (Cen. Conn. State U.)
arrow African Lives (Wash. Post)
arrow African Online Digital Library (MSU Matrix)
arrow African Primary Sources Research (H-Net)
arrow African Religion studies (U. Penn)
arrow African Research Central
arrow African Studies Association
arrow African Studies (U. Penn)
arrow African Studies Gateway (H-Net)
arrow African Studies Resources (U. Illinois)
arrow African Studies Resources Index (Columbia U.)
arrow African Studies: Issues and Trends (Leiden U.)
arrow African Studies: Thesaurus (Leiden U.)
arrow African Timelines (Cen. Oregon C.C.)
arrow African Voices (Smithsonian)
arrow Africana Resources Guide (LOC)
arrow Afrocentricty and Black Athena Debates (W. V. Binsbergen)
arrow Akan Cultural Symbols Project
arrow AllAfrica news summaries
arrow Ancestors in Africa and related studies
arrow Ancient City of Benin (Smithsonian)
arrow Animated Atlas of African History, 1879-2002 (Brown U.)
arrow Art Africa (U. Lisbon)
arrow Art and Archaeology of Africa (Columbia U.)
arrow Art and Rituals of Divination (Met. Museum of Art)
arrow Art of African Masks (U. Virginia)
arrow Arts Council, African Studies Ass'n
arrow Aspects of African Civilization (A. H. Ba; S. Hunt, trans.)
arrow Ass'n for Study of Worldwide African Diasporas
arrow Background Notes, by Country
arrow Baule: African Art, Western Eyes (Smithsonian)
arrow Bibliography on African Architecture (
arrow Bibliography on African Art and Divination Rituals
arrow British Museum Images of African Cultures
arrow Center for African Studies (U.Illinois)
arrow Civilizations in Africa (Wash. State U.)
arrow Congo Expedition, 1909-1915 (Smithsonian)
arrow Culture of Vodun in Badagry, Lagos (A. Simpson)
arrow Cycles: African Life through Art (Indianapolis Mus. of Art)
arrow Eternal Egypt
arrow Fowler Museum (U.C.L.A.)
arrow Handicraft Women of West Wallaga, Ethiopia (B. Sirika)
arrow Herskovits Library of Africana Studies (Northwestern U.)
arrow Hillwood Art Museum, African Textiles
arrow Historical Maps of Africa (Northwestern U.)
arrow Historical Maps of Africa (U. Illinois)
arrow Historical Maps of Africa (U. Texas)
arrow Historical Museum of Abomey
arrow History and Culture of Nigeria
arrow History and Culture of Urhobo People, Nigeria
arrow History of Liberia (PBS)
arrow History of African States (U. Iowa)
arrow Journal of Pan-African Studies
arrow Kanuri Studies Ass'n (Nigeria)
arrow Knowing Africa Project
arrow Lusophone African Studies Organization (H-Net)
arrow Mandinka Culture and History
arrow Maps and Imagery of Africa (U. Florida)
arrow Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
arrow Museum for African Art (New York)
arrow Museums of Cameroon
arrow Nat'l Museum of African Art (Smithsonian)
arrow Oral Tradition in Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin (A Simpson)
arrow Ouidah Museum of History
arrow Relics of the Slave Trade in Bagadry, Nigeria (A. Simpson)
arrow "Scattered Africa" in Asia (M. Muhammad)
arrow Science in Africa (S. Africa ASTA)
arrow Sierra Leone Culture and History
arrow Slave Histories in Southern Morocco (M. Thomson)
arrow Some Chronologies of Histories in Africa (Stanford U.)
arrow South of the Sahara (Stanford U. and ASA)
arrow Story of Africa (BBC)
arrow Studies in African History and the Diaspora (U. Rochester)
arrow Sukuma Museum, Tanzania
arrow Textile Museum of Canada
arrow Tribal Photo Human Rights Project
arrow Virginia Emigrants to Liberia (U. Virginia)
arrow Vodun and West Africa's Spiritual Life (NPR)
arrow West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols and Meanings
arrow When We Ruled (R. Walker)
arrow Wonders of the African World (PBS)
arrow Yoruba Affairs Discussion Group
arrow Yoruba and Akan Art (Indiana U.)

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diamond   Slavery, Resistance and Abolition   diamond

Internet Presentations and Institutes

African Americans in the Civil War (NPS)
arrow African American Slave Trade in New England (WGBH)
arrow American Visionary: Frederick Douglass (NPS)
arrow Amistad Research Center (Tulane U.)
arrow Antislavery Literature Project (A.S.U.)
arrow Antislavery Movement in Massachusetts
arrow Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas (VFH)
arrow Bristol in the Slave Trade
arrow Brown U. Committee on Slavery and Justice
arrow Captive Passage (Mariner's Museum)
arrow Chronology of Atlantic Slavery (E. Becker)
arrow Class Struggle & the Origin of Racial Slavery (T. Allen)
arrow Common-Place Special Issue on Slavery
arrow Creation of the 13th Amendment (HarpWeek)
arrow CRM Magazine Issue on Slavery and Resistance (NPS)
arrow Death or Liberty: Gabriel, Turner and Brown (Lib. of Va.)
arrow Development of the Int'l Slavery Museum (R. Benjamin)
arrow Documenting the American South (U. North Carolina)
arrow Escaping Slavery in Virginia (U. Virginia)
arrow 54th Massachusetts Regiment
arrow Flight to Freedom (Bowdoin College)
arrow Frederick Douglass Papers (American Memory)
arrow Frederick Douglass Papers Project (IUPUI)
arrow Freedmen and Southern Society (U. Maryland)
arrow Freedmen's Bureau (C. Charity)
arrow Freedom Trails in Illinois
arrow Frontline: Jefferson's Blood (PBS)
arrow Fugitive Slaves in New Bedford, Mass. (NPS)
arrow Gilder Lehrman Center (Yale U.)
arrow Harper's Weekly Images and Text
arrow Int'l Center for Study of Slavery
arrow John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry (Va. Hist'l Soc.)
arrow Juneteenth Celebration
arrow Kentucky's Underground Railroad (Kent. Ed. Tel.)
arrow Lest We Forget (NYPL Schomberg Center)
arrow Louisiana Native Guards in Civil War
arrow National Slavery Museum (Douglas Wilder, Founder)
arrow Nat'l Underground Railroad Freedom Center
arrow Ohio Underground Railroad (Ohio Hist'l Soc.)
arrow Race and Slavery Petitions (U. North Carolina)
arrow Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (PBS)
arrow River Road Museum, Louisiana
arrow Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection (Cornell U.)
arrow Slave Route Project (UNESCO)
arrow Slave Trade & European Imperialism (Cen. Oregon C.C.)
arrow Slave Trade & Plantation Wealth in Britain (English Heritage)
arrow Slavery and Abolition in the U.S. (Dickinson College)
arrow Slavery and Abolition Journal (Taylor & Francis)
arrow Slavery and Slave-like Practices (U. Minn.)
arrow Slavery and the Making of America (PBS)
arrow Slavery in America (N.Y. Life)
arrow Slavery in DeWitt Colony, Texas (Tex. A.M.U.)
arrow Slavery in 18th and 19th Centuries (U. Wisconsin)
arrow Slavery in the North (D. Harper)
arrow "Slaves' Narratives" (American Memory)
arrow "Slaves' Narratives" (Museum of the African Diaspora)
arrow "Slaves' Narratives" (U. Virginia)
arrow South of the Sahara: History of Slavery (Stanford U.)
arrow Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
arrow Underground Railroad and Quilt Code Debates (L. Fellner)
arrow Underground Railroad in Canada (Parks Canada)
arrow Underground Railroad in Maryland (Md. Archives)
arrow Underground Railroad: Special Resource Study (Philadelphia, PA)
arrow Words of Thunder (Boston Pub. Library)
arrow Yale, Slavery & Abolition (Yale U.)

Resource Guides and Bibliographies

Bibliography of African Cultures and Trans-Atlantic Slavery (U. Virginia)
arrow Bibliography of Slavery in World History (U. Virginia)
arrow Bibliography of Slavery and World Slaving (U. Virginia)
arrow Bibliography of Trans-Atlantic Slavery (U. Houston)
arrow Bibliography on Deconstructing Whiteness (U. Wisconsin)
arrow Bibliographies on Slavery and Resistance (Yale U.)
arrow Resource Links on Slavery History (Wash. State U.)
arrow Virtual Library Links on Slavery History (C. Meyer)

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