Map and Deed Records
of New Philadelphia, Illinois

Excerpt from Atlas Map of Pike County, Illinois, 1872
and Deed Records for New Philadelphia

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This excerpt from the 1872 Atlas Map of Pike County shows the town lots and streets of Philadelphia, and depicts the lot designations in a manner consistent with the original plat laid out by Frank McWorter in 1836. (The drawing of a river's edge along the lower left margin of this image is from an adjacent inset map unrelated to Philadelphia.) This Atlas also provided a map of the vicinity surrounding Philadelphia.

Click on each Block in the map below to see a record of landowners over time for each of the lots in that block. You can also use our search engine to look for particular names throughout the records presented on this web site, including deeds, census lists, tax records, and newspaper archives.

1872 town map excerpt

Source: D. W. Ensign, Atlas Map of Pike County, Illinois, Davenport, Iowa: Andreas, Lyter & Co., 1872, p. 84. Illinois Historical Survey Collections, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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1872 Map of Philadelphia Vicinity

Aerial Photograph with Plat Overlay

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