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Known-age data

The following data was collected  under the generous support of the National Science Foundation (SBR-9727386).  As the data represent relational databases, they are only available as zipped Microsoft Access databases (zipped because your browser may not recognize *.mdb as a down-loadable  file).  If you require comma-delimited versions I may be able to supply these.

McKern and Stewart Korean War Dead - The data here come from "Key Sort" cards that contain Stewart's original observations, and are maintained in the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian.  The pubic symphyseal scores were done by me, Nicholas Herrmann, and Danny Wescott using casts at the Smithsonian.

Terry Collection- These data are from a sample of 802 individuals from the Terry Collection, scored by the same three (Danny, Nick, and me) in 1998.

Gilbert Data - These data are from casts and pubic bones that were (probably) all used in Gilbert and McKern's study.  The scoring is by Konigsberg.  Beware the possibility that some of the casts may represent bones already in the collection (check ID numbers carefully).

The following papers are recent enough that they have R-scripts, data, etc. that you can download.

Konigsberg LW. 1990. Analysis of prehistoric biological variation under a model of isolation by geographic and temporal distance. Hum Biol 62:49-70.
Zipped R workspace, documentation, and data.  The original analysis was done in Fortran, but R is better for this.  And aside from the threshold distance, this R workspace will also do CAB Smith's MMD.

Adams BJ and Konigsberg LW. 2004. Estimation of the most likely number of individuals from commingled human skeletal remains. Am J Phys Anthropol 125(2), 138-151.  R Script for Fig. 3, some Excel files without macros

Konigsberg LW, Herrmann NP, Wescott DJ, and Kimmerle EH. 2008. Estimation and evidence in forensic anthropology: Age-at-death. J Forensic Sci 53:541-557.  R Scripts

Konigsberg LW, Algee-Hewitt BFB, and Steadman DW. 2009. Estimation and evidence in forensic anthropology: Sex and race. Am J Phys Anthropol 139(1):77-90. R Scripts & wxMaxima derivations

Shackelford LL, Harris AES, and Konigsberg LW. 2012. Estimating the distribution of probable age-at-death from dental remains of immature human fossils. Am J Phys Anthropol 147(2):227-253.  R Scripts

Konigsberg LW, and Adams BJ. 2014. Estimating the number of individuals represented by commingled human remains: A critical evaluation of methods. In: Adam BJ, and Byrd JE, editors. Commingled human remains: Methods in recovery, analysis, and identification. New York: Academic Press. p 193-220.  R Scripts

Konigsberg LW. 2015. Multivariate cumulative probit for age estimation using ordinal categorical data. Ann Hum Biol 42(4):368-378. - R Scripts

Konigsberg L, and Frankenberg S. 2016. Postmarital residence analysis. In: Pilloud MA, and Hefner JT, editors. Biological distance analysis: Forensic and bioarchaeological perspectives. New York: Elsevier Inc. p 335-347. - R Scripts

Konigsberg LW, Frankenberg SR, and Liversidge HM. 2016. Optimal trait scoring for age estimation. Am J Phys Anthropol 159(4):557576.  R Scripts

Konigsberg, LW, and Frankenberg, SR. 2019. Letter to the Editor: Multivariate ordinal probit analysis in the skeletal assessment of sex.
Am J Phys Anthropol.  R Scripts.

Konigsberg LW, and Sgheiza. (2019). Technical note: The use of Roche, Wainer, and Thissen's skeletal maturity of the knee. J. Forensic Sci. R Scripts

Transition analysis

Age estimation workshop - This is a workshop that was held Dec. 9, 2014 at St. Catherine's College, Oxford as part of a combined meeting of the Society for the Study of Human Biology and  the  British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.  It uses "R" and OpenBUGS.

Chico State University workshop - This is a workshop that was held Nov. 5, 2017.  It uses "R" and OpenBUGS.


Supplementary Materials from: Mielke, Konigsberg, and Relethford (2011) Human Biological Variation, 2nd ed. New York, NY:Oxford University Press.

Collapses of 10 stages

Some people have "hit" counters.  I have all the compositions of 10 items (as in the ten Todd symphyseal stages, see Konigsberg et al. 2016).


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