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General Anthropology Resources

arrow African-American History and Cultures (U. Illinois)
arrow Cultures of Consumption Program
arrow History of the World through Objects (BBC)
arrow Talk Origins Archives
arrow Kinship and Social Organization Tutorial
arrow Oral History Research Guide (Columbia U.)
arrow Oral History Research Guide (DoHistory)
arrow UNESCO Cultural Heritage
arrow Values of Cultural Heritage Resources (Getty Trust)
arrow Witchcraft, Magic & Religion Links

Native American Heritage Resources

arrow American Indian Heritage Foundation
arrow American Indian Movement
arrow American Indian Library Ass'n
arrow American Society for Ethnohistory
arrow National Museum of the American Indian
arrow Native American Records at NARA
arrow Native Languages of the Americas
arrow Virtual Library: Native American Resources

Anthropology, Archaeology, and Interdisciplinary Journals

arrow African-American Archaeology Newsletter
arrow African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter
arrow Historical Archaeology Journal
arrow World Systems Analysis Network
arrow Directory of Open Access Journals
arrow Directory of Open Access Archaeology Journals

Anthropology, Archaeology, and Interdisciplinary Associations

arrow American Anthropological Association
arrow Am. Cultural Resources Ass'n
arrow Archaeological Conservancy
arrow Arch'l Institute of America
arrow Ass'n for Study of Worldwide African Diaspora
arrow Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology
arrow Council Northeast Hist'l Arch.
arrow Illinois Archaeological Survey
arrow Ill. Ass'n for Advancement of Archaeology
arrow Int'l Coal. of Hist. Site Museums of Conscience
arrow Midwest Archaeological Conference
arrow Register of Professional Archaeologists
arrow Society for American Archaeology
arrow Society for Applied Anthropology
arrow Society of Black Archaeologists
arrow Society of Brazilian Archaeology
arrow Society for Historians of the Early American Republic
arrow Society for Historical Archaeology
arrow Society for Industrial Archeology
arrow Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
arrow Southeastern Archaeological Conference

General Archaeological Resources

arrow Archaeology at
arrow Archaeology
arrow African-American Archaeology Resources (U. Illinois)
arrow African Diaspora Archaeology Network (U. Illinois)
arrow America's Stone Age Explorers (PBS/Nova)
arrow Archaeology and Rock Art (J. Jacobs)
arrow Archaeology Channel
arrow Archaeology of Craft and Industry
arrow ArchaeoSeek (A. Cohen-Williams)
arrow Bradshaw Foundation: Rock Art Preservation
arrow Chaco Digital Archive
arrow Explorator: Weekly News Links on World Archaeology
arrow Egypt in 19th Century Lantern Slides (Brooklyn Museum)
arrow Historical Archaeology syllabus
arrow How to Become an Archaeologist (
arrow Landscape Archaeology syllabus
arrow Mayan Sites Images (Reed College)
arrow Modern Ruins: Photographs by Phillip Buehler
arrow Museum of Underwater Archaeology
arrow Va. and Md. Probate Inventory Collection (GMU)
arrow Roadside America
arrow SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
arrow Stone Pages: Megalithic Europe

arrow AIA Fieldwork Opportunities list
arrow Shovel Bums & Excavations Opportunities

Illinois Archaeological Resources

arrow Archaeology at U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
arrow Artifacts of Upper Sangamon Basin
arrow Ass'n for Advancement of Archaeology
arrow Dickson Mounds Museum and Archaeology
arrow Hist'l Landscapes of New Philadelphia (C. Fennell)
arrow Illinois Archaeological Survey
arrow Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
arrow Ill. Humanities Council
arrow Illinois State Archaeological Survey
arrow Illinois State Historical Society
arrow Illinois State Museum
arrow More Ill. History Links
arrow RiverWeb: Mississippi Bottom Lands
arrow U. Ill. Public Service Archaeology & Architecture Program

Artifact Analyses

arrow Bill Hunt's Medicine Bottle Glass Index (Backup copy)
arrow British Ceramic Marks
arrow Ceramic Guide and Database (Worcestershire)
arrow Chesapeake Digital Archive, Artifact Database
arrow Clay Tobacco Pipes (J. Sudbury)
arrow Coin Facts (PCGS)
arrow Comparative Arch'y of Colonial Chesapeake Culture
arrow Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland
arrow Farber Gravestone Collection
arrow Hardware Reproductions (Ball and Ball)
arrow Historic Ceramics Type Collection (Fla. M. Nat. Hist'y)
arrow Conservation Resources for Preserving Material Culture (CoOL)
arrow Metallurgy Bibliography (Oxford U.)
arrow Metallurgy History and Archaeology (Hist. Met. Soc.)
arrow Plymouth Colony Archive Project
arrow Radius & Diameter Templates for Pottery Vessels
arrow U.S. Patent & Trademark Databases
arrow Victorian Period Household Materials

Archaeological Excavations with Web Presentations

arrow List of African-American Archaeology Sites
arrow Interactive Excavations (Arch. Inst. of America)
arrow Virtual Archaeology Resources (Arch. Inst. of America)
arrow Chinatown Archaeology, San Jose, California
arrow Excavations by U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
arrow John Howland Site, Massachusetts
arrow 3D Shipwrecks (Great Lakes Shipwreck Preserv. Soc. of Minn.)
arrow Featured Shipwreck Sites (Dept. of the Interior)
arrow H. L. Hunley, South Carolina
arrow Texas Beyond History
arrow Catalhoyuk, Turkey
arrow Dig School, United Kingdom (U. Lancaster et al.)
arrow Demory Site, Loudoun Valley, Virginia
arrow Monticello, Virginia
arrow Nautical Archaeology (Texas A&M U.)
arrow St. Peter's Church & School, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Preservation Resources

arrow American Cultural Resources Association
arrow National Preservation Institute
arrow Preservation Directory
arrow Virtual Museum Resources (MCN)

General References

arrow American Memory Project
arrow USA.Gov Directory
arrow H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences
arrow Library of Congress
arrow National Archives
arrow NEH's Edsitement Project
arrow Project Gutenberg (Columbia U.)

arrow Merriam Webster Dictionary
arrow Thesaurus
arrow Your Dictionary
arrow Visualization Methods

arrow Post-1800 Currency Inflation Calculator
arrow Colonial Currency Histories (U. Notre Dame)
arrow Measurement scale conversions
arrow Another unit converter

arrow Nat'l Science Foundation
arrow Wenner Gren Foundation
arrow Ford Foundation
arrow Smithsonian Institution
arrow Grant Forward Database
arrow Candid Foundations Database

arrow Advanced Book Exchange
arrow AddAll Book Search
arrow Alibris Used Books
arrow Barnes and Noble
arrow UMI Proquest Dissertation Express

Mapping and Geophysics Resources

arrow American Memory Project, Map Collections
arrow CSA CAD Illustration Guidelines
arrow Federal Land Plats of Illinois, 1804-1891
arrow MapQuest
arrow NASA's Visible Earth
arrow Rumsey Cartography Collections
arrow Rumsey Cartography Collections with Google Map Overlays
arrow State Plane Coordinates from Geodetic (NOAA)
arrow TopoZone
arrow U.S. Geological Survey
arrow U.S. Geological Survey Place Name Search


arrow Ellis Island Records
arrow FamilySearch Service
arrow Heraldica Links
arrow Palatines to America
arrow Social Explorer Census Database
arrow Vital Records sources

Hypertext Editing


Web 2.0 Interactive Tools

arrow ArchiMuse Informatics
arrow Center for History & New Media
arrow Nat'l Center for Supercomputing Applications (UIUC)

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