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1939 Aerial Photograph
with Approximate Overlay of Town Lots

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This excerpt of a 1939 aerial photograph from the U.S.D.A., shows the landscape on which New Philadelphia was located (the hand-written markings on this image represent a U.S.D.A. employee's notes about crop types). Approximate graphic depictions of the town lots and streets, as platted by Free Frank McWorter in 1836, have been overlain onto this aerial photo. The Center for Heritage Resource Studies presents preliminary findings of historic-period artifacts collected from parts of the surface of agricultural fields that now cover the terrain on which New Philadelphia was once located. Use the links below to compare this photo with other aerial images and recent topographic maps.

1939 aerial photograph with town lot overlay

Sources: U.S.D.A. Aerial Photographs Collection; D. W. Ensign, Atlas Map of Pike County, Illinois, Davenport, Iowa: Andreas, Lyter & Co., 1872, p. 84, from 1976 Unigraph reprint; Pike County Deed Book, Vol. 9, p. 183 (1836); Juliet E. K. Walker, Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier, University Press of Kentucky, 1983, p. 104.
Compare this 1939 photo with later aerial photographs:
1939 aerial photo
1939 aerial photo with town lot overlay (above)
1998 aerial photo
1998 aerial photo with town lot overlay
2005 aerial photo
Compare these aerial photos with 1990 topographic maps:
Larger scale map
Medium scale map
Closer scale map

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